After an initial consultation, we will come back to you with sketches and 3D Cad drawings.
Utilizing our years of Solidworks knowledge, production drawings will be made, we then get to work making 3D printed models, then into CNC prototypes.
We test the prototypes in house as needed, and build custom test rigs to best test a simulated real world application.
Products then make there way through the various machines in our factory, ending up as a fully assembled product in our stores, ready to be dispatched all over the world.


3D models are loaded up into one of our 3D printers to produce fast replicas of your product.
We print in ABS and PLA, with most of parts coming off our 3D printer, that can print 255 x 205 x 205mm.
When stronger prototypes are needed, parts can be CNC milled on our HAAS VF2SS, or turned in one of our Miyano Live tooling CNC Lathes.


We undertake the following forms of testing on our custom built rigs to ensure products are fit for the real world.

  • Cycle testing
  • Various forms of testing
  • Destruction testing


We undertake our tool making in house, believing in the knowledge gained from building the tools exactly as needed to produce the highest quality parts.
We have over 50 years combined experience building sheet metal press tools, ranging from quick prototyping tools, to high production multi-stage progression tools.


  • 2x Miyano twin pallet cnc mills
  • 2x Miyano live tooling lathes
  • 1x Haas VF2SS cnc mill
  • 1x Nakamura twin pallet cnc mill


We have a large range of power presses on site, ranging from 1 tonne up to 60 tonnes, we also have coil feeding capabilities to increase efficiency on high volume products.


In early 2016 we fired up our specialized component powdercoating facility. We specialize in small aluminium components with correct pre-treatment system. We stock a large range of Dulux colours, and can order other colours as needed.

We pride ourselves on fast turnaround, high quality finishes, and speedy colour changes.


This is one of our biggest specialties, through years of refinement, we have developed software to optimize stock levels to ensure rapid delivery of your products, whether that is here in NZ or worldwide.
We achieve this through quick turn-around in house manufacturing, smart planning of stocking levels, and a lot of practise.